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Year 11 - Work Experience 2018-19

Please complete this form to let us know the details of your work experience placement.  Without this form, the school will be unable to approve the placement.


When you have completed the form you should be taken to a new page that thanks you for completing the form.  You should also receive a confirmation email.  It is possible that this may go to your spam/junk mail.  If either of these things does not happen it is possible that your form has not been submitted and may be worth trying a different web browser.

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To and from dates of work experience *

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If no please provide details of where you will be based

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Working hours *

Is an interview required prior to starting the placement? *

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Parent/Guardian Email - You will receive an acknowledgement email from the Work Experience and Careers Administrator when this request is being processed. The email will be sent to the email address that you provide here *