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2021 Wuthering Heights at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre

October 2021

On Wednesday 13 October, the students studying GCSE drama went to see a new production of Wuthering Heights at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. The play followed the story of Heathcliff and Catherine and their tangled and complicated love story. It showed their lives as children and how over time they grew up together, whilst falling in love. Along the way there were lots of unexpected twists and unfortunately a sad ending for the pair.

The play was written and directed by Emma Rice, who is known for her creative adaptations. The staging of the play was highly creative and used moving set, making it easy to transform the stage into different rooms and areas. There was a live band and the wings were left open so that the ensemble and stage managers were visible for the entirety of the performance. This linked in to one of the theatre practitioners we have been learning about in lessons, so it was interesting to see something Brecht inspired on stage.

Some of the moments of the play were abstract and took a different approach to the classic story. The play had been modernised in places to add comedy for the audience and this was a clever touch. One of the riveting moments was where Catherine suddenly burst into song and performed an onstage rock concert. It was definitely a unique idea and one I'm sure we will all remember.

As we are writing about the performance for our GCSE we watched the performance again on a livestream during the first week back after half-term in order to refresh our memories and look for elements we may have missed the first time. This evening was particularly useful as it meant we got to watch the play again with a different view of the stage and we got to see the performance in more detail.

Overall going to see Wuthering Heights was a very unique experience and certainly not one I will forget!

Matilda (Year 11)

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