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A Level results 2017

St Helen and St Katharine is today celebrating an excellent set of A-level results. 93% of students have achieved A*-B grades with well over a third obtaining straight A* which is a significant increase on last year. 73% of grades obtained were A*-A, with 54% of girls receiving three or more A* or A grades.

For three of the young women attending St Helen's A-levels have not been the only goal they have been striving towards over the last two years. These three students have represented Great Britain in their respective sports during their sixth form studies, Rebecca Bell in dressage, Hanna Brant in sailing and Fiona Bunn in orienteering. With nine A* and three A grades between them, they have secured places to study English at the University of Oxford, Medicine at Cardiff University and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge respectively.

“A-level success is just the start of an exciting journey and it is our privilege to ensure that our students have every opportunity open to them when they leave us and have the confidence to pursue academic and development routes which match their talents and aspirations,” states Headmistress, Rebecca Dougall.

Fellow student Clare Pearson can also be proud of her success with a set of A*/As to add to her achievements as a rower; she is now planning to scull her way to Cambridge to study Medicine.

St Helen’s is thrilled with its ongoing success in promoting girls’ involvement in STEM subjects, a success that is easily apparent in the high number of students going on to study STEM subjects at university. St Helen’s is certainly triumphing in this field if A-level results are any indication, with 80% of grades achieved in STEM subjects at A*-A and a high number of students choosing STEM subjects to pursue at university.

Amongst them is former Head Girl, Hatty Ruck whose excellent results of A* A* A* A* have secured her a place at the University of Oxford to read Engineering. Hatty was the St Helen’s team leader as they partook in the successful Engineering Education Scheme, part of the Engineering Development Trust. The team worked with the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy on Acrylic J plate flow rate testing, mentored by Steve Hall and apprentice engineers. Also taking part in the scheme was fellow student Eloise Fraser-Paterson who will read Aerospace Engineering in Bristol.

Another student, Emma Baghurst, who is one of the 10 girls who joined St Helen’s in the Lower Sixth from other schools two years ago, has assured her dream of reading Medicine at the University of Cambridge with her clutch of A*s.

“We are very proud of all our students’ achievements here at St Helen’s, this year’s results have been phenomenal. We wish all our students the very best in their future careers and look forward to welcoming them back as mentors to set an example for the next generation of girls,” concludes Mrs Dougall.

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