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A day in the life of a Tudor

June 2022

Students stepped into history this term with the help of professional historians from Viking School Visits to learn about the Tudor period. From gruesome executions to royal curtseys, Year 7 enjoyed an entire day of interactive talks and activities – all whilst dressed as Tudor characters themselves. Amy and Eva (7L) share their experiences of the day and what they learnt.

On Tudor day, we did lots of fun activities with costumed actors from the Tudor times: Sir Frances Drake, King Henry VIII and a Polymath. We also got to dress up as someone from the Tudor times, for example a peasant, nobleman or artisan like a blacksmith. First, we went to Chapel where we met King Henry VIII; we learnt about his wives and the rules and manners at his court. It was all very entertaining. Next, we went to Church Farm to see Sir Frances Drake; we learnt about how a sailor in the Tudors times would navigate the seas and what life was really like on a Tudor ship.

We then enjoyed a delicious Tudor lunch. After that, we went to the Lecture Theatre to meet the Polymath; we learnt about how they treated illness in those times and looked at some of the scary tools that they used. To end the day, we all got together and took a year group photo in all our fabulous outfits. It was an amazing experience and I loved it!

Amy, 7L


On Tudor Day, we all dressed up in Tudor costumes – some people came dressed as peasants, others were aristocrats, and a few were even royalty. Many of the costumes were very inventive, with lots of people thinking outside the box. 

King Henry VIII showed us how to bow and curtsey correctly and told us all about Tudor executions, which was very fun. We also examined some Tudor objects that helped us understand the Tudor world in more depth. 

Sir Francis Drake taught us about life onboard a ship in Tudor times as well as the origins of lots of words and phrases used onboard – there was even a replica ship! A Tudor physician told us all about medicine in the Tudor era. He even demonstrated how an amputation would have happened back then. At midday, we had an incredible Tudor-style banquet served to us by the catering team. It was delicious and I am told that Henry VIII really enjoyed it too. A brilliant day was had by all; both students and staff.

Eva, 7L


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