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A level Physics Live

After boarding our minibus on a wet Monday morning, the 13 Lower Sixth physicists plus Mrs Brudenell set off for the University of Birmingham for a day of physics lectures hosted by A-Level Science Live held in the stunning Great Hall.

The speakers were honestly fascinating, their talks ranging from particle physics to fluid dynamics to quantum biology (which I’d never even heard of before!) and each were engaging in their own way.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the first speaker, Dr Helen Czerski, was in fact the author of a book that I’d recently read and enjoyed immensely.  She talked to us about the practical side of physics which I found especially interesting. The particle physicists who spoke, including Professor Jim Al-Khalili also gave really interesting talks and Izzy and I were able to ask our own questions at the end of the lecture which was very satisfying.

Two extra sessions on exam technique and revision gave salient advice and offered alternate ways of coping with workload and revision.

The day was hugely enjoyable, thanks to both the engaging speakers and the beautiful setting and I hope that everyone else enjoyed it too.

Lizzie, L6A

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