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Ancient Greek Day

This term we had ‘Ancient Greek Day’. We came in dressed up as Greeks and had Greek themed activities all day. The first two periods of the day were shield making. First, we drew around a large circular piece of card. We then looked at some real, ancient shields for inspiration, and we painted our chosen design onto our shields.

Then it was time for Greek cooking – spanakopita and Greek biscuits. They were delicious! After lunch, we went to YPH for some Greek theatre. We talked about the Greek Chorus’s part, and then went onto the stage to act out some Greek performances. The first one was about the gods and goddesses bake off, when I played Zeus. In the second one, which was about Atalanta, I was part of the first chorus. It was lots of fun. Then we made Greek comedy and tragedy masks, giving them all sorts of funny features like curled hair and moustaches!

After afternoon break, we went back to YPH for our mock battle. I was in the Persian group, the other groups were Spartan and Athenian. We re-enacted the battle of Marathon in which the Persians, incredibly, lost and the battle of Thermopylae, the Persians won! Hooray!

Olivia Y6

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