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BBC Young Reporter

BBC Young Reporter is a journalism and media literacy project for 11-18 year olds, encouraging young people to engage with the news by producing their own reports on things that interest them in their own way.

This year our BBC Young Reporters have been exploring a sensitive and ambitious topic: how has our school community been affected by terrorism? Year 8 students were struck by media headlines and wanted to find out how people in our school feel affected by events in the news. They interviewed a range of students to create their report and learnt skills of editing and creating a narrative as they went along. Finally, the finished report had to be ruthlessly edited to bring it in within our time limit of just 2 and a half minutes. The pace definitely picked up as we neared BBC Young Reporter News Day 2019. Our team wrapped up their final edit in time to post on the BBC Young Reporter channel and the St Helen's website.


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