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Bath Literary Retreat

May 2022

Over the Easter holidays, English Literature students enjoyed a unique literary retreat in the historical city of Bath. From Frankenstein frights to ballroom delights, Agnes (L6D), Lily and Sofia (10K) share their experiences of the amazing trip.

On the 1April, Year 10 and Lower Sixth English students went on a Literary Retreat to Bath. We set up camp at our base for the trip, Persephone Books, and completed some creative writing challenges. We then explored the House of Frankenstein and found a life-size model of the monster itself, before getting chased around a basement by a mad scientist – a thrilling turn of events!

Our next creative writing endeavour took us up what felt like every single hill in Bath, but once we reached Beckford's Tower and took in the gorgeous views of the city, the walk seemed completely worth it.

Following our walk to the Tower, the year groups split up for the evening, with Year 10 off to enjoy a lesson in regency dancing at the beautiful Assembly Rooms, where they danced the night away in true Jane Austen style. Meanwhile, Lower Sixth attended Harold Pinter's absurdist play, The Homecoming – one that left us astonished and provoked many lively discussions and analysis later that evening.

The highlight of the second day was certainly the visit to the Jane Austen Centre, where we were greeted by characters from a range of Austen's novels and enjoyed a variety of elegant teas in the café.

Overall, the Literary Retreat was a huge success, as well as an engaging and exciting learning experience!

Agnes, L6D


To begin with, we went to the Mary Shelley House of Frankenstein experience, where we first had a look upstairs, exploring their many Frankenstein-themed rooms. We then went down to the basement, a monster-themed house of horrors. There were a few jump scares, but we had a lot of fun and it was a great adrenaline rush to start off the trip! After lunch and a wander around the city of Bath, we took a sunny walk to Beckford’s Tower and then had a nice dinner at Pizza Express. 

After dinner, we walked to the ballroom where we learnt some of the dances mentioned in Jane Austen’s books, particularly Northanger Abbey, and danced with friends. This was one of our favourite parts of the trip, and it was really interesting to learn about how people used to dance and socialise at events in the time many of Jane Austen’s books are set. 

The next day, after breakfast in the youth hostel, we went to the Jane Austen Museum and took a Jane Austen-themed guided walking tour around Bath. This was also one of our favourite parts, as the weather was beautiful, and our tour guide was very friendly. Overall, we really enjoyed the trip, and liked learning about literature from the early nineteenth century.

Lily and Sofia, 10K


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