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British Science Week

Due to the recent lockdown, St Helen’s celebration of British Science Week switched focus to become a celebration of ‘Science at Home’.

Following the theme of ‘innovation for the future’ students were challenged to complete science activities in three areas: Space Tourists, Not So Fantastic Plastic, and Kitchen Science. Within these, a variety of tasks saw students designing futuristic vehicles for exploring unknown planets, manufacturing alternatives to plastic from paper and jelly (!), extracting DNA from strawberries and investigating the microbial structure of sauerkraut.

Alongside these, we ran the Great Science Week Treasure Hunt – a web-quest, challenging students to research 10 scientific facts, the answer to each providing the clue for the next. Every entry to this accumulated participation points for the inter-House competition.

We were thrilled to see everyone’s efforts! But particular ‘well done’ goes to Nikita (7J) who won the prize for the best entries for the ‘Science at Home’ challenges, as well as 50 well deserved House points for Hayward.

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