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Busy spelling bees

In the South East regional final of the Routes Into Languages Foreign Language Spelling Bee at the University of Southampton, three Year 7 students enjoyed considerable success. The candidates were given a speech about the importance of languages for the future of the country, with evidence of all the careers that are needing languages. The speaker showed statistics of the percentages of employment opportunities for those able to speak at least one extra language. ­­­The students were inspired.

Annie (7L) achieved first place while Eliza (7L) and Darcey (7L) reached fifth place, both one mark off being in the final four. Annie will go on to represent the region in the final which will take place in Cambridge at the end of June.

'Being at the Spelling Bee was so exciting! It was a great experience and gave us a huge advantage in Spanish lessons. We had lots of fun, and enjoyed trying something new, and can’t wait for the translation Bee next year! It also gave us an insight into the future of modern languages, and made us enjoy them even more.'

Annie, Eliza and Darcey, 7L

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