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Butser Ancient Farm

On 25 September, Year 8 arrived at Butser Ancient Farm and got ready for four fun activities: archaeology, a tour of the Celtic huts and a Roman villa, spinning and jewellery. First, we went into a recreated Celtic hut for a briefing. It was big, dark and smoky with an open fire in the middle. The first activity was archaeology where we worked in pairs to uncover buried objects; I found an animal bone!

The recreated Roman villa was finely decorated and historically accurate. At lunchtime we went back to the smoky hut and all felt glad we lived in a modern home. Next, we used sheep wool to spin yarn using a special stick. The wool was waxy and pongy! In the jewellery activity we bent metal wire using pliers to make decorative rings or bracelets. Finally, we went to the gift shop for souvenirs.

I learnt lots about how the Celts and Romans would have lived and loved the experience!

Katie, 8M

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