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COP26 Forget fast fashion

November 2021

As part of our COP26-focused fortnight, students in the Year 7 and 8 Art club have been exploring the benefits of sustainable fashion, imagining, designing and then making outfits that incorporate only re-used materials and recycled items such as bubble wrap, newspaper and doilies. These should be finished in the next two weeks and we look forward to the viewing the fabulous finished creations.

Making second-hand your first choice

We have installed a clothing donation box outside the Chapel and we are encouraging students to bring in any clothes that they no longer wear. These clothes will then be donated to the Salvation Army, extending the garment’s life and giving clothes to those in need. Donating and buying second-hand is an easy thing for everyone to do as it reduces demand for newly produced clothing, which requires unsustainable amounts of resources to make.

The global average water footprint for 1kg of cotton (equivalent to one pair of jeans and a T-shirt) is an incredible 10,000 litres. Purchasing cotton clothing from sustainable sources can significantly reduce the amount of water required by farmers. The Better Cotton website gives further information about how cotton can be grown sustainably and the positive impact that this can have on the environment and local farmers.The world doesn’t just need cotton, it needs Better Cotton.

During the last two weeks we have all made climate change pledges and buying second-hand clothes has been a popular choice, especially with apps such as Depop and Vinted (7 of the best apps for selling preloved clothes in the UK) which make purchasing second-hand clothes incredibly easy and there are always classic vintage and retro pieces - hidden gems - to be discovered. In addition, we would encourage students to arrange clothes swaps with their friends to avoid items going to landfill.

Let's see how fast we can move away from fast fashion.

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