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Cotswold crazy

In May, the Juniors of St Helen’s were lucky enough to get a trip to the amazing Cotswold Wildlife Park! From hilarious penguins to crazy ducks, it was an amazing experience for everyone in Year 5 and 6. At the beginning of the day, the Juniors were put into groups, to be with either Mrs Green, Ms Nixon, Mrs Humphreys or Mrs Cherry. We all split off apart from each other in groups of eight and went off to explore. 

My favourite part personally was the penguins or the fluffy bunnies in the farm section. Lots of people were naming the penguins, including my friend Ottilia, who named a penguin Ottilia Jr and it stood/sat in the same place the entire time we were there. Another highlight was when we got to catch a glimpse of the wolves that had an entire forest to themselves! 

Even the parts without animals were amazing, there was a giant treetops playground that blew me away and it had a ginormous, steep slide that was really fun. Afterwards, we had ice cream - Mr Whippy to be precise! They were amazingly delicious and everyone loved them. Cotswold Wildlife Park also has a huge gift shop with so many cute things to choose from! And the better part, it was only 40 minutes away from our school.  

A highlight of the trip was when there were some territorial ducks that obviously had taken a dislike to us and started hissing and running at us! Everyone ran away, but it was really funny! Also, there were hundreds of animals there, and lots of them were super cute, including the giraffes (even though they stank a bit). 

I would really recommend coming here, all of us had the best times!  

Madi Y6 

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