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Create and Cook winners

June 2021

Congratulations to Poppy and Alina (9K) who won the Oxfordshire final of the Create and Cook competition! They will now compete in the mid-counties final on 28 June with their menu of Oxfordshire goats’ cheese, spinach, and lemon ravioli and a spiced summer raspberry and rhubarb crumble vanilla bean custard.

‘Poppy was given a raspberry plant by her grandad and she has grown them in her garden for years now, and we hope to use them in our recipe if we have a good crop. If not, we will source our rhubarb and raspberries from a local farm shop. If we use Poppy's raspberries, they will only have travelled half a mile to school and have the benefit of no extra packaging. The eggs, spinach, goats’ cheese and flour are all produced locally for our ravioli dish.

We think that it is important to buy local food as it helps the environment. If no one ever bought food from local farmers then produce would have to be flown from other countries which will result in more food miles. This releases more CO2 into the atmosphere which then increases global warming as the greenhouse gases are trapped in the atmosphere. Buying local food supports local farmers and gives local people jobs too.

Finally, food in season is at its best in terms of freshness and flavour.

Our grandmothers inspired us both to cook. Cooking and baking was one of Alina’s grandmother’s favourite hobbies before she went into a care home and her food always tastes amazing. Poppy’s grandmother is Chinese and is also an excellent cook.

We have really enjoyed finding out about what is grown and produced locally, and then having to be creative to come up with an interesting menu. It has been a good way of extending our cooking and food presentation skills and it has forced us to taste new ingredients; for example, Alina had never tried goats’ cheese.’

Poppy and Alina 9K

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