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Disrupt - Summer Art Exhibition

July 2022

Art, ceramics, 3D design and all manner of creative outlets took over St Helen’s with a school-wide summer exhibition in June. Centered around the theme ‘Disrupt’, the artwork on display showcased the incredible creativity and skill across the School. Lower Sixth student Claudia shares her thoughts on the awe-inspiring event.

‘The exhibition was an exciting event where we got to see and celebrate A Level and GCSE artwork. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s hard work and creativity being presented and enjoyed by everyone. I also liked seeing people interact with my artwork throughout the evening. 
My piece consisted of several mobiles with hanging acrylic shapes with a video projected over the top of them. I intended for the piece to be an immersive experience where the viewer could feel like they were almost within the piece. The inspiration behind my project was impermanence, which is the idea that everything lasts for a limited amount of time, in other words, everything is always changing. My work reflects this through the constant movement of the shapes as well as the changing colours and shapes within the projected video. Both the irregularity and colourfulness of the patterns on the shapes, as well as the different heights and sizes of the mobiles, reflect the unpredictability of impermanence. 
In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, I researched Alex Calder, an artist that creates moving mobiles, as well as other artists such as Yayoi Kusama, who creates large immersive art exhibitions. These artists were my main inspiration for my final piece, as I wanted to create a kinetic installation that reflected impermanence and the ideas behind it.’

Head of Art, Miss Devine, shared her thoughts also: ‘What a return to the art exhibition after the hiatus. It’s obvious that having the space back unleashed students’ wonderful creativity, this cohort has clearly a lot to say! I’m so proud of what they have achieved, both in this exhibition and in the past two years’

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