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DofE Bronze Award practice expedition

Our DofE expedition was amazing, I enjoyed it so much that the weekend after I wanted to do it again! We arrived in the morning with incredibly heavy back packs but with the help of parents and instructor we were able to get them on and we set off for our adventure. We all started with a spring in our step, all very excited and our instructor had to keep telling us to slow down otherwise when we arrived at the campsite we would have to walk another 10km. That did the trick! We slowed down a bit partly because we were faced with the challenge of a few hills but more importantly a humongous wind through the whole weekend!

We arrived at the campsite a bit early, but fortunately we were spared the extra kilometres, and we set up our tents - harder than it looks! Everyone had a very early dinner and we were basically all in our tents at about 7pm ready for a great night’s sleep.

The next morning we were all awoken at 6am by the camp’s donkey ready for the second part of our walk. We took down the tents (even harder than putting them up!). We had sleeping mats, bags, and tents blowing away in the wind but we were able to get it all back. Once everything was packed up we put on our rucksacks and we were all surprised by how much less they weighed (there were many feasts that took place in all of the tents!). The one thing that absolutely none of us were missing was food. The rest of the day was spent battling with the wind but in the end we made it to the finish and we all flopped in our cars really appreciating for the first time what a luxury they were!

Giulia, 9M

My group and I set out for our DofE expedition on a cold and windy morning. It started off with a premonition of rain but it turned out to be a lovely sunny day. The morning was tiring as we all got used to our heavy bags, but the scenery was really good and we took some interesting pictures for our aim which was looking for traces of wildlife. In particular, we saw lots of animal tracks such as deer and fox tracks.

After a hearty lunch and an afternoon of pleasant walking, we arrived at the campsite. We put up our tent straight away so that we could enjoy the evening and after we had got our things sorted, we started cooking dinner. At the campsite, there was a very friendly donkey and we were all petting it when we were told that apparently it made a lot of noise, particularly at 5am!

I found that DofE has taught me to be independent but also to work as a team, because if you start arguing then the group falls apart; a good relationship with your team mates is essential. It has also taught me that I need to learn the art of packing light because the last thing you want when climbing a steep hill is an overloaded rucksack!

Rose, 9M

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