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Dorchester Festival

On Saturday 6th May a number of chapel choir joined several other choirs at Dorchester Abbey with the intention of singing the 40 part choral piece ‘Spem in Alium’ by Tallis. This was part of the finale of a concert given by the internationally acclaimed Tallis Scholars. Though slightly overwhelming at first, the rehearsal was a success and educated everyone in, most importantly, counting to four! After rehearsing and some supper, everyone reconvened for the concert. Sitting on stage in a large group we listened in awe as the Tallis Scholars sang their way through some intriguing Catholic, Anglican and Russian Orthodox interpretations of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittus which sounded particularly beautiful in the appropriate setting of the abbey. We performed at the very end of the concert and, despite the difficulties of navigating the large scores, it was a wonderful opportunity to sing with such a large number of people and to listen to such an amazing choir and is something we will never forget.

Bethan Kelly L6

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