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ESU Public Speaking Competition

After the heats, I was a little more confident with what I was meant to be doing. The Coroner’s Court had been a little tricky to find, but once we got there my nerves settled a bit. The speakers all spoke clearly on their topics and it was really good to hear their views on their subject and to listen to how strongly they felt about them. Each speech was individual and topical, whether I agreed with their verdict or not. As questioner I write all my questions for the speaker on the spot which means little to no preparation on my behalf, so I admire the care and research all the speakers have gone to. When the judges announced we had won, I turned to Navika and asked, “Is that us?” It dawned on me a few minutes later we would have to do it all again in a few weeks’ time and I have to admit I’m quite excited – whether we do well or not. 

Maddie, 11L

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