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Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2018

At the award ceremony at the Southbank Centre, I felt so privileged to have the opportunity to meet such a broad range of poets, some of whom are sure to be the stars of tomorrow. The event was a celebration of the poetic art-form, and we were able to discuss the challenges that face the poet community today, concluding that many people simply dismiss poetry without really considering the potential power of the structure, due to its flexibility and ability to intensify and distil emotions and opinions. We were also treated to a preview of the judges' most recent poetry, after which they shared some of their own writing techniques and experiences – it was an extraordinarily special moment to be a part of.

Elinor, U6A

Read more about the award ceremony on the Southbank website.


Eli's commended poem:


A new tenant for the empty room
In the back of my head.
Must not mind the useless facts
Stacked against the walls or the
Old memories on the shelves half-

Had to evict the old tenant after
A drawn out uphill battle. He was
A man in a suit and bowler hat who
Kept saying that it was his home and
Not mine and I almost believed

Room would suit someone who
Doesn't mind the silence seeping
Through the rafters on a Sunday
Or the occasional leak of anger
When I miss the last train

Ideally someone who can
Make an empty space their
Own and who can fill in the gaps
When I can no longer find the words
Or thoughts or feelings or

Someone who can stand at my side when
Life knocks on the door to say it's
Repossessing, and who can
Smile when Time pulls down the walls
Around us brick by greying

If you’re reading this, please
get in touch and it would be
great if you could move in as soon
as possible because it's just me at
the moment and it's getting quite lonely in

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