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Futures Fair

On 17 and 18 June Lower Sixth took part in a ‘Futures Fair’. We started the session with a talk from Miss Doherty giving us guidance on how to apply to university and the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of writing a personal statement, including hilarious examples of when things go wrong. After scribbling down as many notes as possible we all headed off to our first talk; we had a wide range of choice, ranging from healthcare to anthropology. Each talk gave us advice on how to prepare for studying the subject at university, the grades we should be expecting and the careers we could have after completing the degree.

The second day had us going to more talks, logging on to UCAS and learning about managing our finances. Personally, I found the sessions particularly useful as they helped me to understand what I should write on my personal statement and allowed me to do further research into my university degree, and I know we all went home excited about what the future holds!

Libby, L6G

“The subject talks were so helpful in helping me to narrow down my course options!”

“I’m so happy with all the support they’re given us in writing our personal statements, I wouldn’t have known where to start!”

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