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Geography photography competition

Well done to Tilly (Y5), Beth (9M) and Annabelle (10J), winners of the ‘eco’-themed geography photography competition.

‘When I entered the geography photo competition I took photos of anything eco-friendly in the town where I live. I took photos of bikes, charity shops, recycling bins, electric car charging points and a refill station in Waitrose. I entered because I really care about the environment and saving the planet.’

Tilly Y5


‘My picture is of a coffee shop and shop called Stay Grounded in my area that is run on an eco-friendly ethos.

The tubs in my photo are refill tubs – you can bring your own containers and buy large amounts of produce based on weight. This is the only shop in the area that does this. You can also buy smaller amounts of things like nuts, seeds and dried fruit and refill other liquids like washing up liquid, oil etc. This reduces packaging, particularly plastic.

They strive to be eco-friendly in the cafe part too – leftover bread and pastries are made into bread pudding and they try to use ingredients that are not packaged in plastic. They make freshly made bread every day which is sold without plastic, and prevent waste by selling yesterday’s bread half price. They also sell groceries that are packaged in recyclable materials in their shop area.’

Beth 9M


‘Lake Solar is not the usual lake that you see. It is not an oxbow lake nor was it formed when a glacier eroded the land, nor is it a manmade reservoir. I call it ‘Lake Solar’ but it is in fact a Solar Photovoltaic Park located east of Grove, north east of Wantage (OS grid reference – SU 41608 89720).

Lake Solar is made up of 145 acres of photovoltaic solar panels which have a 25 megawatt peak capacity and the panels can power approximately 6000 homes, including the new homes which are being built nearby. These photovoltaic solar panels are eco-friendly as the solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity with no pollution generated. Also, the land around the solar panels can still be used for small animal grazing (eg sheep) as the sunlight can reach the land underneath the solar panels so the grass can grow. After their use, the panels can be removed and the land restored again for agricultural use, as there is no contamination with this electricity generation.

Lake Solar is green/eco-friendly as it doesn’t produce CO2, unlike burning fossil fuels. There is no noise produced, unlike wind turbines, and there is no waste production, unlike nuclear energy. This renewable energy is sustainable and helps to address the need for energy management. As you can see from this photo – it can look good too!’

Annabelle 10J

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