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Geography trip to Iceland 2017


It’s not every day that you get to go on a trip that involves relaxing in a spa, walking behind a waterfall, boiling eggs in hot springs and seeing the northern lights! Those were just a few of the highlights of the four-day Sixth Form trip to Iceland in October half-term. The students were taken aback by the natural beauty and the unique features of Iceland.Upper Sixth students Bethan Kelly and Josie Willis were particularly struck by these;

‘The stars were incredible. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life!’ 
‘The sights were made even more breath-taking by the beautiful rainbows!’ 


We visited a huge variety of incredible landforms and landscapes during the visit. One of the most popular sites was Seljalandsfoss where students were able to venture behind the back of a 60 metre high glacial fed waterfall. The fact that we all got soaking wet from the spray was clearly not an issue when the opportunities for selfies were so great! Florence Crowe, Upper Sixth, counted it as one of the stand out moments; ‘A real highlight was seeing the golden waterfall and its immense power and beauty.'

The views of the spectacular black beaches at Vik were also stunning, and students enjoyed clambering over the incredible basaltic columns.

This year we also visited the new Lava Centre which included simulations of earthquakes and how frightening it might be to be caught up in a dense ash cloud. Having visited the Northern Lights Museum on the first day, we were thrilled to actually witness the aurora borealis when we stayed out in one of the country guesthouses. This magical experience left students stood gazing in awe and wonder at nature’s spectacular talent to transform the ordinary night sky into something extraordinary. Cordelia Halfhead, Lower Sixth, said that

‘Seeing the northern lights is something that will stay with me forever.’ 

The visit ended with a very relaxing trip to the Blue Lagoon. Students thoroughly enjoyed applying the face masks and drinking smoothies whilst soaking in the warm geothermally heated waters. Iceland is a country that continues to astound and amaze, leaving lasting memories (and full camera memory cards!) for all who visit.



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