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Getting to know the Aztecs

When we arrived I saw lots of amazing, interesting artefacts. In the Pitt Rivers museum it was quite dark and a bit spooky. A nice lady took us upstairs for a talk about the Aztecs. She told us that if you were a naughty boy in Aztec times you would get spiked with cactus needles or be made to inhale chillies being burnt! If you were a girl in Aztec times then you would have to stay up, sewing. I was really sad to leave but I had a good time!

Julia, Year 5

The first thing we saw were totem poles which were very large. The person or people who carved into them must have been very good at drawing because it was very clever.

Phoebe, Year 5

When we arrived we went through the Natural History Museum, which was really interesting. As we entered the Pitt Rivers we were quite awed as we gazed at all the amazing artefacts. The room was quite dark so it made it even cooler. After a talk about Aztec punishments and what we were looking for, we set off to find the artefacts. We saw how they shaped their heads and what they wore, and then finally we drew them. I think the best things there were the elegant feather headdresses. They were really majestic.

Louisa, Year 5

I really enjoyed the Pitt Rivers. The museum was quite dark but it was still exciting. We had a talk with our guide about the Aztecs and then she have a tour around the museum. I really liked the feather headdresses. The wooden boats and learning about how they squished their heads when they were babies! Then we went around the museum with a human shaped body and drew things that we saw on it. And last but not least we went to the gift shop and I bought a crystal! It was really fun!

Ottilia, Year 5

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