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House Music 2017

On Tuesday morning our four Houses, Benedict, Duffield, Hayward and Paterson went head to head on the YPH stage to be crowned House Music champions 2017. Each House produced a 30-minute programme which included a soloist from each section of the school, a mixed-age ensemble item and a House Song in which all members of the House perform. The atmosphere in the hall was electric, with 2000 points (all going towards the year-end House Cup) available for winning the Music competition.

Each House performed beautifully to our visiting adjudicator, Kate Bailey, who was very impressed by what she heard. Special awards were made to Midge Almond and Eve Lawson-Statham (Paterson) for best presenting and introductions; Alice Gore (Benedict) for best soloist; Lauren Reed, Eleanor Stuart, Elizabeth Dallosso and Amelia Windsor (Paterson) for best ensemble and Hayward House for best House song (‘Reach’ by S Club 7). The overall winners were Duffield House and Olivia Christie and Lara Ratcliffe, Duffield’s House prefects, were awarded the House Music trophy, duly decorated with green ribbons to celebrate their success.

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