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Katherine Rundell visit

Acclaimed author Katherine Rundell came in to talk to Year 8 about being a writer. Her passion and imagination captured the students who practically fell over themselves to get their copies of her book signed.

‘I really enjoyed the talk. Katherine is a brilliant and really inspirational writer, I can’t wait to get stuck into The Good Thieves.’

Lorna, 8L

‘Katherine Rundell's talk was amazing because she talks from the heart and with experience.’

Megan, 8L

‘Katherine Rundell has experienced so many unbelievable things from eating piranhas to swimming with pink Amazon River dolphins. She talks about her life and books with such passion that you are transported right there.’

Isabella, 8L

‘Katherine Rundell was very passionate about everything she did. She offered unique advice and a new perspective on writing. She was hilarious with her honesty and is a wonderful inspiration to girls who want to become writers, find adventure and eat tarantulas! Thank you!’

Lily and Olivia, 8L

‘We loved how we could experience her personal adventures.  She was very entertaining and we didn’t want her to stop talking.’

Mary, 8M and Bessie, 8L

‘She is such an interesting speaker who has really inspired me to read so many more books. She has also made me want to write my own story. I loved how she writes stories of her own experience and it would be amazing to try some of the things she has done, except eating a tarantula! I want to walk on rooftops now!’

‘She has a lovely way with words – she talked about her new book's trapeze artist character as someone that gravity has made an exception for... I will definitely read more of her books now.’

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