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Kenya trip July 2017

Seven Lower Sixth girls volunteered to work with the Nasio Trust for two weeks in the Musanda district of Western Kenya.

This rural agricultural area is home to a significant number of adults and children living with or subject to the effects of HIV. The Trust  is working within the community to develop and promote a sustainable way of life for young children, orphans, and families who find themselves with little or no income and subsequently no access to education.

Working with a Social Worker, Jane Munyendo, the group provided assistance to local farmers, teachers, families in need and local businesses (set up by Nasio) that offer employment to guardians of children supported by the Nasio Trust.

Alongside these people, the girls installed a rainwater harvesting tank, built a house, allowing a family to be reunited, learnt how to manage and harvest Spirulina and maize, planted, picked and cooked local vegetables for school meals and helped to clear pathways in the Mumias slums. They also provided an educational talk, distributed pants and reusable sanitary products to adolescent girls, visited St Mary's hospital to distribute food and milk and completed a number of home visits to provide assistance to families.

Throughout these two weeks, the group have seen poverty in its rawest form, met families living in extreme conditions and seen how working as a community and aiming for sustainability can benefit everyone.

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