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Language Perfect World Championships 2017 are under way...

Our year 8 students have joined over 250,000 students in the worlds largest online languages event, the 'Language Perfect World Championships 2017'.

Participating students earn points by correctly translating between their target language (Arabic, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Malay, French, Japanese, Maori, German, Indonesian and Spanish) and English during a 10 day period, which started from Monday and finishes at 7am on Thursday 25th May.

As of this moment, we have

• 34,467 questions answered

• 18,978 points earned

• 1 gold certificate, 3 bronze certificates and 7 credit certificates

• Top student – Hannah Heus (4,342 points)


Out of 1440 participating schools in England, as at 08:06 on 17/05/2017, we are:

• 10th overall

• 1st for Maori

• 1st for Samoan

• 2nd for Latin

• 2nd for Malay

• 5th for Arabic

• 6th for French

• 7th for Italian

• 9th for Chinese

• 12th for Spanish


And 291st overall globally

You can view the live scoreboard online to follow their progress. 

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