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Life in 'Bubbles'

November 2021

Led by Upper Sixth students Alice and Millie, this year’s scholars’ project entitled ‘Bubbles’ was a profound exploration of individual experiences in lockdown. Ten real-life interviews were conducted to create this piece of verbatim-theatre and each cast member was absolutely phenomenal in embodying the raw emotion that emerged.

Katie as Becks gave us a sensitive glimpse into the hardship of parenting in lockdown; Hannah as Ruby related to many young people in the audience, giving insight to the restraints of lockdown restrictions; Livy H as Ellie reminded the audience to seek out the light in the darkness of the pandemic; Rose gave a touching embodiment of Hazel, an old woman with early-stage dementia drawing comparisons between lockdown and the War; Livy Y as Hazel’s daughter, Julie, gave a performance full of character showing the impacts of lockdown on care homes; Nidhi as Valerie gave a soft and thoughtful insight into how the pandemic affected religion and GPs; and Cara, energetic as ever, finished the piece with a glimpse into actress Jo’s tactics to staying optimistic in lockdown. Alice, Millie and the rest of the team should be extremely proud to have accomplished such a sensitive and thought-provoking performance. 


“It was not only a brilliant piece of drama, but it allowed me to understand everybody’s different livelihoods during lockdown and how it affected everyone. Really well done to the directors and actors involved in creating a very personal and emotive piece.”

Charlotte, audience member (Upper Sixth)


“Alice and Millie were such incredible directors. I had such an amazing time performing and they really helped me to understand my character. It was definitely a different experience being in a play directed by my friends, but we had so much fun collaborating to make a monologue we were all proud of.”

Livy, played Hazel (Upper Sixth)


“I’m so proud of the cast and crew for their fantastic work. It was surreal to see our project come to life and I’m excited to see where they go in the future.”

Alice, Director (Upper Sixth)


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