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Mother Tongue

This competition was open to all students who speak a second language at home, and to those who would like to learn a language that we do not teach at school. Students were asked to produce a one-minute video in which they performed something in their chosen language. We were bowled over by the beautiful entries which celebrated linguistic diversity across our community. 

Well done to Sara (7M) who won 1st prize for her Finnish reading, and to Giulia (11M) and Giorgia (9L), highly commended for their Italian song.

'This book was given to me by my Finnish grandmother, on my 10th birthday. I have chosen this text because it describes the everyday life of Finnish pupils at summer camp, where I have also been to myself.

As we used to live in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, we spent most summers back in Finland to see family – it was a nice memory in reading this text about Finnish society as this is very important, as well as my Arab culture.

Finnish language is as unique as its culture, its customs and quirks – this book, in the language it uses reminds me of that side of my life.

The book title ‘Onks Noloo?’ means ‘Is it awkward?’ To non-Finns, the Finnish way of life may seem awkward, but to my multi-national background, it is quite normal.'

Sara 7M

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