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Mythological Mayhem

On the final Thursday of Lent term, this year’s Helicon Club play was put on. It was called Mythological Mayhem and had been entirely devised and written by members of the club. They had also made most of the props, including three boats. The plot involved a confusion of myths caused by Eris, the goddess of strife, which stemmed from a boat crash of three famous voyagers: Jason, Odysseus and Dionysus. Only Hope could detect the resulting mix-up and, having turned to gods and spirits in vain for aid, she was finally assisted by Pegasus and, surprisingly, Eris herself, since the goddess of strife had now become a goddess of harmony.

With such a topsy-turvey plot there was plenty of scope for humour and the cast joined in the fun with a will. Unfortunately, Milly (7K) was ill on the day so we were denied her renderings of a drunken Dionysus and a far from wise Athena, but Matilda (8J) and Amelie (8K) split her roles between them while also covering several other parts themselves. Isabelle (7J) led the cast as a convincing Hope, ably assisted by her sidekick Isabella (8J), taking on the difficult task of pretending to be a winged horse. Emily (7J) gave a fantastic performance as the pirate Jason (complete with squawking parrot), contrasting well with Amelie’s upper-class Odysseus. Matilda was a most accomplished salesperson, peddling drugs in one scene but converting to a bookseller later on, while Elena's (7J) cameo roles as the crazy prophet, Teiresias, and Eris the hippy goddess were truly memorable.

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