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National Space Centre

On 11 June, Year 9 boarded their launch module and travelled through space, via the M40, to the National Space Centre in Leicester. The centre was incredible with lots of interesting, interactive exhibits. These included a reaction test and astronaut training centre, which everyone found a lot of fun. All of the activities broadened our knowledge about space and what it takes to be an astronaut. We even saw a piece of rock from Mars!

The space centre has its very own planetarium where we watched a show about astronaut training and the dangers that they have to face every day whilst in space. It made everyone fully understand how difficult life in space really is. It opened our eyes into the truly amazing world of space exploration and astronomy.

Then we got into teams and participated in a very informative and exciting workshop which taught us all about the threats that affect our planet every day, including comets and asteroids. It was engaging and great fun as we were put into a real life situation and had to think on our feet to come up with a practical solution that would save Europe from a dangerous comet about to crash into the Earth. After this, we watched a demonstration of how a comet is made using dry ice. This was fascinating because we got to see a replica of something which is above us in space right now.

Overall, the trip was amazing, especially the life size rocket around 42 metres tall. Although we had to climb up a lot of stairs to get to the top, there were loads of activities to do once you got there. After all that excitement, it’s a good job that there was a lift to get us back down!

Kathryn, 9K

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