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Old Girls' Lax Match 2017

A fair and honourable draw at the annual Old Girls’ Lax Match

Over 20 recent and not- so- recent leavers joined current St Helen and St Katharine senior lacrosse squad members on Saturday for the annual Old Girls’ Lax Match.

With a mix of alumnae who have continued playing the sport throughout university and beyond, and those who have barely picked up their lacrosse sticks since they left, it was always going to be an interesting match.

An early yellow card, issued by Old Girl and experienced lacrosse referee Sara Benbow, demonstrated to both players and spectators that this match was going to be taken very seriously.

After a very wet match in 2016 Alumnae Services Manager, Ms Anderton, had spent the week promising the Old Girls’ team that the sun would shine. And it did. For about 15 minutes!  A torrential downpour in the second half sent some parents and spectators who had been cheering wildly on the side-lines running for shelter. However the rain did nothing to stop the sheer determination of both sides from trying to claim a victory. Even with one St Helen’s current squad member as the only goalkeeper to be shared amongst the two teams, the match was very closely fought. The final result was an admirable 7 - 7 draw.

This was followed by a much welcomed hot lunch and tours of the school where happy memories of school days were rekindled.

Our thanks to the PE Department, Mrs Keogh, Mrs Trumper, Mrs Turner and Miss Millard for their organisation, energy and enthusiasm on the day; our senior lacrosse squad for taking up this annual challenge and to the Old Girls. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Ms Faye Anderton

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