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One Day Film School

June 2022

Lights, camera, action – Year 8 welcomed Young Film Academy's One Day Film School for a fantastic day of film-making fun, fight choreography and storytelling through silent film. After a packed day of planning, filming and editing, students presented their mini masterpieces for a chance to win the coveted Oscar. Flo (9M) and Mrs Alpers tell us more about the day.

I really enjoyed the filmmaking day. It was a great experience for us all and I think the whole year enjoyed it. I had a great time learning about how all the films we see are made, and how it can take so much planning and effort into one small scene. 

I am very proud that my group won the Oscar! It was such a great feeling, and I had a brilliant time working with all of my friends into making a mini movie – I even made some new friends! I never realised how fun and dramatic film-making is. This was such a fun event and I really hope we can do it again!

Flo, 9M


It was great to have Year 8 back in one space to share their creativity and mastery of the camera with the One Day Film School company. Students took part in sessions on film history, fight choreography, screenwriting, camera work and editing before making three- and ten-shot short films in groups which were premiered at the end of the day. 

Mrs Alpers


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