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Playwriting Competition - Turn the Tide

Since a young age I have been directing plays. These generally involved innocent onlookers at family gatherings being put into a princess dress and asked to play along with whatever I asked of them. These performances created the love of theatre I have now. To win the Playwriting Competition as a Year 7 up against Year 8s was a really exciting experience for me and to win with a play that I really love just made it more special.

The idea for the play came from a book talk by two very inspirational authors at the Oxford Literary Festival. After reading their books I realised that this was something that I was really starting to feel passionate about. I decided to base the play on a girl just emerging into the adult world and trying to find her place in life. This is a difficult enough time for a seventeen-year-old, let alone in the 1920’s. I really wanted this play to reflect on the lives of the women and girls living in this time and show how these struggles do translate into many lives of women today.

All the suffragettes in the play are named after real suffragettes who fought bravely for the cause 100 years ago. It was important for me that they were honoured for what they did to help the many generations of women that have followed them. I also think with feminism being at its height at the moment, it is important to see where this all came from: women who faced up to the men and women dictating their life all those many years ago.

The cast have been amazing to work with and have really adopted the characters. They have done a great job of taking on direction and they have bonded with each other to create a great team.

Miss Lee has been an inspiration to me and has brought the play to life on a whole other level. This has been an incredible journey that I never could have been able to do without her.

It is amazing to be at a school that offers something like this and the experience has been really memorable. I’m glad that I entered this competition and it has opened lots of doors for me, and I would really recommend entering it.

Poppy, 8K

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