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Plucked Strings Concert 2018

With a brand new setting on the Yolande Paterson Hall stage (for both performers and audience!), excellent acoustics and a warm, supportive atmosphere, the Plucked Strings Concert on 7 March proved a wonderful musical evening. Featuring an array of instruments, from harps and guitars to the Chinese zither, everyone gave exceptional performances in a varied programme of solos, duets with Mr Burley and ensembles (the Telyn Harp Trio and Guitar Ensemble).

We were treated to a diverse range of pieces, including Debussy’s First Arabesque, ShuHua Lou’s Fishing Boat in the Sunset and renditions of One Hand, One Heart and My Favourite Things. Rounding off the evening was a brilliant performance of original song Everything’ll be Alright from SHSK band Majik, recent winners of the Battle of the Bands competition.

Congratulations to everyone who performed in the concert: Kaajal Basra, Hester Beer, Naomi Bell, Rose Buckley, Leni Cadle, Maddie Collins, Pippa Curtis, Elizabeth Dallosso, Anna Das-Lowndes, Hannah Develin, Megan Forrow, Grace Grady, Isabella Hanson, Megan Lockie, Helena Osborne, Hannah Prince, Josie Riddell, Claudia Stuart and Helen Zhang. Above all, many thanks to Miss Broome, Mr Burley and Mrs Walton for all their help and support!

Katharine L6D

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