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Poetry in Performance

In the final few weeks of Trinity term, Miss Grandi came up with an idea to put together a theatrical collaborative piece showcasing voice and emotion. After a conversation with the drama scholars, we came up with the concept that we would use some poetry (which was written by students for Archive Day) to create a short video entitled Poetry in Performance. The video would include recordings of A-level Drama and Theatre students reading extracts from five different poems expressing the thoughts and experiences many of us have shared during lockdown.

Everyone involved was so supportive of the idea and I was amazed at how quickly we all pulled together to send in our own creative contributions and renditions of each poem. I spent a couple of days editing the video and it was so rewarding to see the initial concept come to life. I hope that staff and students will enjoy looking back at this video in years to come and the memory of our time in lockdown won’t be forgotten. I really hope that the power of the seventeen voices shows the strength and unity we can all feel and reminds us not to give up hope.

Alice 11M

Poetry in Performance

It started with an epidemic

But it unfolded into a pandemic

And all our studies, academic

Started behind a screen.

They called it remote schooling

When the computer screens were ruling

Whilst we focused on learning

Sat behind a screen.

I can’t wait until we’re back together

because lockdown feels like forever

When you’re sat behind a screen.

Last night I took a trip down memory lane

I remember the time when my friends and I went to the beach

I remember the feeling of sand underneath my feet as we ran with the waves

I remembered having picnics and talking and laughing, living life

That used to be our normal.

I look forward to seeing my friends again, back at school, and eating warm cookies

Warm cookies

Warm cookies

I can almost taste them now.

There’s still a sense of community

Pupils and staff included in this unity

Thankfully, school is blocking the feeling of being alone

Stopping the complete isolation from dialogue as I remain at home.

Although it’s taken me while to adjust to this new routine

I think this period is the interval as we prepare for the next scene.

Remote St Helen’s is shaping my new reality

As I wait for the return of an interactive humanity.

An alarm set for 8.15

Not the usual jump out of bed, when the sun is rising with you

The day passes the same, again and again

In a bedroom that has become a classroom, without the class

At 4.06, one hour of exercise, just one

The daily fresh air makes the grass look greener and our future look bright

As do the group calls where we can chat and joke

The laughter creeping in the room as we talk about strange new interests

Painting by numbers

Baking banana bread

Running to clear our heads

See you tomorrow! On the video call

Two steps from the desk to the bed

And an alarm set for 8.15.

It’s the new normal, they said

And it was

It was

It was

We’re united in struggle, a common ground

A new sense of together and community we found

Never so willingly have we given a helping hand

When all else seems uncertain, on this principle we stand:

Appreciating creation more than ever before

And without even thinking, we’re respecting it more

As the sun shines down in its glory we sit

Even the darkest of nights cannot overcome it.

During the stillness there has been time to reflect

To be at peace with the things we often neglect.

Rainbows displayed in each and every window

A constant reminder of the eternal hope we can know.

Let’s decide to look up, instead of down

And not let corona wear its crown.

This is the new normal.

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