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Remote Chapel Choir Concert

18 June 2020

I could not be more proud of Chapel Choir. Even in the days leading up to school closure, they were determined to keep singing and we had a couple of socially distanced sessions in Chapel and YPH. Since lockdown, we set ourselves the considerable task of producing a remote anthem and a remote hymn every week (as we would have done during a normal school week) and they have stuck to the task and met the challenge. Recording individual voices and mixing them together remotely has its difficulties and will never be the same as working together in person, but their cheerful determination to keep ‘Chappy C’ going as normally as possible has been inspirational. Seeing their smiling faces at weekly rehearsals is a highlight of the week and the current circumstances have meant that we still have Year 11 and U6 with us, which is an extra bonus. We have also had the opportunity of working with some Chapel Choir alumnae and we are delighted that two of the items in this programme feature a number of old girls. This short concert is a selection of the remote performances that Chapel Choir have produced this term and we hope that you enjoy listening to them.

Ms Rakowski

Read the concert programme.


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