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Remote Sports Day


At first inspection Sports Day seemed wildly different from any before; to say a toilet roll jump is untraditional is quite the understatement. However, while it may have looked different the atmosphere of Sports Day – excitement, enthusiasm and House spirit was unmistakable. This was entirely down to the participation of every single person in Paterson House.

Paterson as usual proved brilliant at sport, no matter the event. Completely new sports such as the 30 second explosive bounce have been embraced and successfully completed. Furthermore, this year we have had the unique chance to show our creativity and as expected we have risen to the challenge. We remain ‘Pink and Proud’ but now we are also ‘the best around’ according to the Lower School chant and the House photos have definitely shown this with everything from line drawing to 3D models. Paterson showed their versatility and talent in everything from art to sport. The House spirit is so strong it has spread to the cats as from around Oxfordshire photos of the elusive pink panther emerged, looking remarkably like a house cat covered in pink material!


2 July 2020, St Helen’s first ever Remote Sports Day. The scores were so close, and even in this remote situation Benedict was raring to go. Sports Day could have been the difference between who won the House Cup, which Benedict won for the second year in a row!

Sports were very different to normal, but at least we have found a use for all those hoarded toilet rolls with the vertical toilet roll jump! Could this be a new Olympic sport? Even though we were not altogether on the day there is still, as always, a strong sense of community inside Benedict House. With as many people as possible contributing towards the House photo collage, we created a border of us all linked together, holding hands. Our secret weapon was all our furry friends who were supporting us too! As a group the House chant teams have been working hard to get the best possible house chant, because it isn’t Sports Day without competitive chanting. Could you hear us Mrs. Dougall?!

It was amazing seeing everyone join as a team and work so wonderfully together – this was true House spirit. GO BENEDICT!!


Duffield got off to an amazing start with a buzzing House meeting. You could feel the excitement and anticipation as everyone sat and waited for the different events to begin. Everyone then went into their teams, to work on their activities. We saw great enthusiasm across the years as people shared their imaginative ideas. As the morning progressed, we saw more and more photos coming in of people showing their House colours! There were so many ways of showing House spirit, from dressing up, painting our faces green and getting all pets involved! House chant decided on their songs, a chant and the words changed to Karma Chameleon to involve the house!

Everybody participated in an event of their choice and had a really had a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards it, constantly sending amazing and inspiring photos for us all to see. Everyone became really involved and some of their pets even joined in on the House spirit too! For Duffield, Sports Day was incredible and the whole House has felt very connected, even though we could not be together. It has been a great opportunity to show our commitment to our House.


WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU DOWN, SHAKE YOU UP, HAYWARD HOUSE IS COMING UP! This year, despite the dramatic changes to the annual Sports Day, it hasn’t dampened the Hayward House spirit with each person getting involved in some way. From the juniors creating a magnificent banner all the way to the photo collage team creatively getting their pets involved. As well as the chant team creating their own hayward inspired chants and the dedicated athletes themselves. In true Hayward style, Olivia (7J) took on the standing broad jump after a Year 7 student fell ill and Elli (8M) stepped up for the speed bounce after a fellow Hayward member was injured. Everyone’s enthusiasm can be seen from a mile away with silver shining bright from the countless creative ways of showing their support for Hayward. This new type of Sports Day has given our House a chance to interact with other years in a way we wouldn’t have before and work together as a team to complete each task. As always, Hayward is showing how no challenge is too big for them and our ability to overcome any obstacle when we work together. GO ON HAYWARD. STRUT YOUR STUFF!

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