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Rotary Youth Speaks Debate

Three students from Lower Sixth – Navika, Brona and Gen – formed a debate team to take part in Rotary Youth Speaks debate competition. We decided upon the motion ‘this house believes the monarchy should be abolished’ as the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has just broken. Incidentally, shortly before the first round we competed, the news broke that Harry and Meghan were to greatly reduce their royal roles, so it really was a hotly debated topic at the time.

On 24 January, two teams of St Helen’s debaters travelled to Steventon village hall to compete in the first round of the competition. When we arrived we were surprised to learn that the only team that we, the senior team, were due to compete against were not there. We qualified for the next round automatically but they still made us perform our debate! The intermediate team performed brilliantly but sadly the team from Our Lady’s Abingdon took the trophy. We progressed to the next round in Witney where we beat out five other teams to take the top spot, with Navika answering the question from the audience superbly and Brona summarising the two speeches so eloquently. From there, we travelled to Sonning Common to compete for what would sadly be the last time. It was a brilliant experience and we are all extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful competition.

Navika L6D, Brona L6F and Gen L6D

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