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Sports Day 2017

The soothing tones of House Music on the morning of Tuesday 4th July was a wholly appropriate prelude to turning up the volume at Tilsley Park for the annual St Helen and St Katharine Sports Day in the afternoon.

The stands were a riot of colour and noise as house spirit was very much on display. The pursuit of the House Spirit Award was as hard fought as the events on the track and field. Waves of blue, green, silver and pink danced, sang, chanted, sprinted, jumped and threw culminating in some fantastic performances both on and off the track.

Essentially Sports Day is the chance for our athletes to demonstrate their prowess and this was certainly the case this year. Numerous year group records were broken from Poppy Crosthwaite and Annie Jonkers in the Junior Department to Becky Coleman and Lara Ratcliffe in the Lower Sixth. Four whole school records were broken on the day:

  • 100m - Scarlett Herold (Year 10)                                              
  • Javelin - Ella Lovibond (Year 10)
  • Shot - Ella Lovibond (Year 10)                    
  • Ball Throw - Lili Hargreaves (Year 7)

Underpinning the performances of the athletes is the spirit of inclusivity at Sports Day in addition to the supportive atmosphere from the entire school community. Watching Sophie Dreyer (Lower Sixth) supporting Charlotte Thornton (Year 6) as she battled with the 1500m, seeing Mrs Dougall throw some shapes with the four house mascots, hearing the shouts of support for members of staff straining every sinew in the 24 man relay and the copious amount of hugs and laughter are true characteristics of this brilliant event.

The laurels of victory were to be Hayward’s for the second year running after a closely fought competition. Roll on next year!

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