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St Helen's wins Tatler's Best School Food Award

It is commonly accepted that an army marches on its stomach and this is no less true when applied to an army of hungry school girls who need their energy for study and sports. It is a huge honour, therefore, to have the hard work of St Helen and St Katharine’s catering team recognised at the Tatler Schools Awards 2017-2018.

St Helen’s Executive Chef, Olivier Hubert, was there to accept the award for Best School Food, which was presented with an acknowledgement that he had recently spent a six months’ sabbatical in the Antarctic, catering for the British Antarctic Survey and had even planted the school flag at the South Pole.

‘Like the Antarctic adventure,’ Olivier said with a smile, ‘this award has come out of the blue. It was an adjustment coming back after the expedition but St Helen’s is a fantastic school where everybody is given a real chance to thrive.’ In true chef style he couldn’t resist a small food pun. ‘This is the cherry on the cake. It’s fantastic!’

Headmistress, Rebecca Dougall, was equally thrilled by the award. ‘School food is an opportunity to shape health, performance and wellbeing of students. As a school, we take our responsibility of promoting healthy choices very seriously. Chef Olivier is known for his delicious food which makes eating well a daily joy. We are delighted that the hard work of our catering team has been recognised by Tatler.’

The high profile event, which took place at The Landmark London Hotel, marks the release of the 2018 edition of the Tatler Schools Guide with reviews on the top independent schools in the UK. St Helen’s received an outstandingly positive review with the Tatler researcher noting how pleasantly surprised she was by the spirit of the school with ‘ambitious, confident, super-employable girls’ and ‘vibrant, energetic and passionate staff’. The overall conclusion declared St Helen’s to be ‘one of the best day schools [I’ve] visited’.

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