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Street photography

This summer, a group of students from St Helen and St Katharine took part in a photography course with the photographer Chris Baines. We learnt lots about composition, lighting and how to use different camera settings. We took photos around school and then discussed them as a group and used Photoshop to enhance our photos.

We researched famous historical photographers to help us understand other approaches to photography. We enjoyed learning about Vivian Maier, who took photos in Chicago in the 1950s and 60s, documenting the lives of hundreds of ordinary people. We wanted our photos to share a story in the same way her photos did. Another photographer we were inspired by was Peter Zelewski. His portraits show the ‘beautiful strangers’ living in cities, and we tried to take similar photos of people in Abingdon.

At the end of the course we went into Abingdon and took photos of buildings and people around the town, and we even asked strangers to be in our photos. Although this may have been daunting, many were excited to be in them. We all learnt lots about how to improve our photography, and some of us continued on to do an arts award, where we took more photos in lots of different locations.

This exhibition shows a range of the photos we took, from both the course and afterwards. These were the photos that we felt used colour and light in an intriguing way and were the most creative and told a story. We hope that these photos will inspire others to be creative and take lots of photos.

Annie Y11


A Yellow City - Chloe

Miniature Paris - Chloe

Ace of Spades - Chloe

Town Square - Annie

Teddies - Annie

Teapots - Chelsea

Outside Masons - Chelsea

Pillars of Athens - Annie

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