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Strings Concert

The warm, sunny weather provided a cheerful, buzzy feel for the Strings Concert on 8 May. The concert opened with the rare sight of 14 viola players all onstage at once ranging from Year 5 to Upper Sixth, beginner to near professional! Despite lack of rehearsal time, this group pulled off an impressive performance of Marie’s Cinquantaine and Leclaire’s Tambourin serving as a fantastic introduction to what would be a great evening. This was followed by a range of solos from the well-known Londonderry Air played by Naomi (L6F) on the cello to the more unusual Full Fathom Five by Nymann from Anna (11L) on the violin. Groups included Cello and Bass Squad playing the classic Dancing Queen (Andersen), Bridgewood performing Chanson de Matin (Elgar) and Stradivarius (including a flute and clarinet) playing the appropriately named Summertime by Gershwin with style. The final section of the concert involved solos and a beautiful duet from the outgoing string players Athalie (U6A), Bethan (U6D), Ellie (U6H), Nicole (U6D) and Zoe (U6F). The evening ended with an edge of the seat rendition of Anderson’s Fiddle Faddle by Upper Sixth involving a fiendish first violin part, tricky page turns and cello spinning. The concert was a great success and a wonderful way to celebrate the string playing that goes on in school throughout the year – thank you to all those involved!

Bethan, U6D

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