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Summer Concert - June 2017

The Summer Concert on Wednesday the 28th June was a lovely way to celebrate a wonderful year of music making this year and a great start to the end of term festivities. Wind Band began beautifully with superb renditions of ‘Thunderstruck’ (O’Loughlin), ‘Don’t Stop Me’(Mercury) and ‘The Lion King’ (John/Rice). These were followed by performances from Junior Choir, Tootles, Team Pachelbel, Lower School Choir, Sinfonia, 8ve and Sinfonietta who covered a fantastic range of repertoire between them from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘Do Re Mi’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (Menken) to ‘Dr Who’(Grainer), ‘Three Traditional Scottish Reels’ and ‘The Dambusters March’(Coates). Sinfonia had the particularly special addition of all the staff who have taken part in the grade-1-athon this term to raise money for Asylum Welcome who (despite the nerves) played their parts extremely well demonstrating just how far they have come on their new instruments this year (Sinfonietta next?!)  Overall the concert was a huge success and a wonderful demonstration of talent and enthusiasm across all ages - congratulations to all those involved.

Bethan Kelly, L6D

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