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The Little Mermaid - a Lower School Production

Nine months of hard work and dedication by Years 7 and 8 resulted in three triumphant, sold-out performances of ‘The Little Mermaid’ last week. Since September they have explored each of Alan Menken’s iconic songs with verve, assisted brilliantly by Musical Director Helena Rakowski, and tackled Michelle Uezzell’s impressive choreography with enthusiasm. Libby Jewitt ably oversaw the whole ambitious undertaking as Director, coordinating everything from the comedy of a crustacean-crucifying French chef, to the romance of swaying lagoon animals trying to persuade Prince Eric to ‘go on and kiss the girl’.

Audience members were treated to glittering costumes, exceptional acting and breath-taking singing by the cast of 47 students. Each girl threw themselves into their role, principals and chorus members alike; some of our hardworking chorus members had seven costume changes within a 60 minute production! The band and masterful stage-management team also warrant high praise, with the whole company leaving the audience wanting more at the end of every performance. The quality of the production was such that many audience members were heard remarking that they couldn’t believe that the girls involved were only aged 11-13, and at least one young guest on Thursday attended again on Friday after begging her parents to bring her back for a second viewing! All in all, ‘The Little Mermaid’ was a wonderful experience for both students and audiences. Bravo to all involved!

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