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The art of bullfighting


Last term, we had a talk from Dr Reveles, whose father was a very famous bullfighter. Dr Reveles went into detail about the controversy associated with bullfighting and the details of this thrilling 'sport'. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk as it provided me with an insight into the life of a bullfighter, and also explored the importance of bullfighting, as it can be a source of income for thousands of people.

 Phoebe L6E

The talk on 'tauromaquia' was not only beneficial to my A-level topic but it was also very interesting to find out about the background of bullfighting and all the opinions surrounding it. Hearing about Spanish bullfighters from the point of view of someone who has a personal connection to it through his father allowed me to understand why it is still such a well-love sport and activity in Spain, which I had not really understood before. It really opened my eyes to the wide range of jobs created by tauromaquia, for example the artists who benefit from the events. I really enjoyed the talk by Dr Reveles and it inspired me to find out more about the subject.

Ella L6F

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