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The magical world of Harry Potter

On 21 January Year 6 had the last chance to see Hogwarts in the snow in 2020. Some of the original props used in the movies were being refurnished a week after we went, giving us one of the last chances to have seen them. This meant that we were one of the luckiest classes to have the chance to see and understand these pieces of astonishing artwork.

First, we took a long journey from school to the well-known home of Harry Potter, only to find out that it was even more amazing than we thought. Then we got escorted into a room that was full of different fabrics and outfits. Soon we learned that these outfits were the real costumes for the actors.

After learning about the costumes we went on a journey through the making of Harry Potter. On the way we, took pictures of us riding on broomsticks; learned how they made the elves; looked at artefacts like Hagrid’s motorbike and the Weasleys’ flying car; went to the mind-blowing gift shop full of stunning goods. The shop included sweets from the books and movies, magnets, keychains, etc.

After an awesome trip we came back to school all chatting about when we are going to come next but most of all thanking the teachers for giving us this opportunity.

Mahi and Sophie Y6

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