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Thea and the Mooing Minotaur

Helicon Club is our Classics club for younger students. The members of the club usually write and perform a play at some point of the year; this time the play had to be filmed, of course, which added an extra dimension to the production. The plot revolved around the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur but was brought up to date by being given a feminist twist. The result was Thea and the Mooing Minotaur, which was apparently called ‘Fluffy’ (actually, it was called Su). Princess Ariadne became Prince Adrian (deftly characterised by Claudia), who offered gifts that appeared to be of little use, but clever Princess Thea (otherwise known as Nikita) devised ways of employing them to defeat the Minotaur (which did indeed moo). The prince, having stowed away on board the ship as it returned to Athens, became a bit of a nuisance after he got drunk and started to sing unedifying shanties and insult the surviving Athenian maidens, so he was duly dumped on the island of Naxos. In a further twist, the rather bloodthirsty maidens offered him as a sacrifice and burnt offering before sailing back home. King Aegeus (or rather, Mary) fell into the sea, as he should, though not by design, leaving Thea as Queen of Athens. By the end of the play all the male characters had been killed off, in a final twist on the usual ending of a Helicon Club production, with all characters dead. A great time was had by all, nonetheless.


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