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Thinking Supper on geology and mobile phones

Last week’s Thinking Supper for Years 9 and 10 focused on geology and mobile phones: and the implications of consuming non-renewable resources to sustain our dependence on technology.

‘I really enjoyed going to the Thinking Supper. The topic was interesting and everyone had something to say about it. The food was very good and the people were very nice. We all had a great time.’ Nouha, 10K

‘It was a really interesting talk as I didn't realise the extent of the impact on the environment that using mobile phones has.’ Marina, 10K 

‘It was a really fun evening that combined a relaxed dinner with some interesting discussions.’ Rosie, 10K 

‘On Thursday we had the opportunity to discuss geochemical matters regarding mobile phones with a group of Year 9 Radley students. The evening was enjoyed by all and invoked enthusiasm towards the set topic. At the end of the evening groups had to present their findings and research and this provided insights into topics we wouldn’t have necessarily thought about. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all of us.’ Katie and Anisha, 10L 

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