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Thought 4 Today - the parable of the wedding banquet

Here is the last Thought 4 Today of this first half of Lent term 2021. It is a reflection on St Matthew 22:1-14, the parable of the wedding banquet.


You also might find these links useful for this week's optional practical parable-based challenge...

A very informative article about how to use the ancient Japanese techniques of sashiko and boro to mend torn, or damaged, clothing. The Japanese term 'sashiko' refers to the type of stitches used - 'running' or 'stab' stitches - and 'boro' means rags and refers to the use of patches in a different fabric to cover a hole or tear.

For some simple suggestions on how to embellish or upcycle old clothing:

Some ambitious tips and tricks for clever  upcycling, have a look here:

Need encouragement to wear bright colours, or something fun and outrageous?! Read about 'dressing yourself happy', aka dopamine dressing, yes that is an actual thing apparently!

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